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any dream will do

Well! To my complete astonishment, Lewis the blond kid finally turned it on in the very very last song. He and Lee (who's the pro who's been doing understudying for several years) did a performance of "Oh What A Circus" from Evita, and it was the first time I believed in Lewis's performance. It made me sit there and try to think if he'd done any other musical theatre songs, and I don't think he did. It may be that he really is a musical theatre performer. (I just checked. He did not do any other musical theatre pieces.)

That opinion was shored up by the sing-off, which he and Ben the pop star were in. They did "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables, and although I like Ben better, Lewis did a better performance as well as being vocally stronger. I believed him again, which just astonishes me, because not once in the entire run of the show did I think he was compelling to watch on stage until those last two pieces.

I still don't think he'll win. I think it's really down to Lee and Keith. Lee, tonight, did a not especially inspiring version of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer". Oddly, I think he's got too good a voice to be a rock singer. Or too much control, or something. I was unmoved, and you all know how much I like Bon Jovi. :) Keith did "Could It Be Magic", which I was vaguely familiar with, and he was once more vocally the star of the show.

They also did "Under Pressure" as their last group piece, and that went about as you'd expect it to. I mean, they're all talented and they did their best, but it wasn't David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, and it's really impossible to expect anyone to be, but you necessarily compare it to the original, and therefore, it wasn't good enough. They had the same problem with a different Queen song earlier in the series. It's just ... well. Freddie Mercury. :)

So next week Lewis, Lee and Keith are in the final, and it's entirely up to the viewing audience, and it'll be very interesting to see what happens. :)

In revisions news, I got the next chapter done and broke 100K. I'm pushing 450 pages, and tomorrow ought to break it pretty easily. So. Five more chapters after that, I think, and they all have to be completely totally revised.
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