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850 words short of 100K! Augh!

The thing is that I will Blow Past 100K tomorrow, because the next chapter (and, in fact, 8 pages of the one after it) can be put back in almost wholesale, with minor revisions in the opening part of the next chapter. And my TV show is on in 10 minutes, so I don't have time to get those revisions done before it. Argh!

Hm. It's a two part show. Maybe I'll go back to work between parts 1 and 2 so that I can get past 100K and so that--I think when I'm done with these next two chapters I'll have about 5 chapters left til the end. Irritatingly, those 5 chapters are almost entirely "rewrite it so exactly the same thing happens in a completely different way" chapters, but oh well. There's not a damned thing I can do about it.

Yeah. I think I'll break for the tv show and then go back to work and at least get revisions done on the next 25 or so pages. Which will put me at about 450 pages, too, which would be another nice milestone.

Yeah. Okay. It's a plan.
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