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I just got it confirmed that URBAN SHAMAN and THUNDERBIRD FALLS have both gone back to print. Yay! I think this is US's 3rd print run, now, but as far as I can tell, nobody's actually *seen* a 2nd edition copy. So!

If you can provide proof of owning a 2nd edition copy of URBAN SHAMAN, I will send you a copy of HEART OF STONE (first edition, signed!) when I get my author copies in September-ish. "Provide proof" means...well, a scan or photo of the copyright page would be actual proof, and I'll assume if you're taking pictures or scanning books that you *own* it, rather than are standing at a bookstore (you wouldn't cheat me, anyway, would you?) with your cell phone. Offer is good for the first five people who own up to owning 2nd edition copies of US!

eta: er. Doh. bellinghman points out to me that I mean 'printing' not 'edition' in all of that, and I don't think they tell you if it's a second printing. I shall be over here feeling very foolish, and will send bellinghman a copy of HEART OF STONE for being smarter than I am...)
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