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We just got back from Pirates III a little while ago. I went in with rather lowered expectations after reading some reviews, but to my surprise and delight, I totally enjoyed it. I thought it was by far the most interesting movie for Will as a character, that the story as a whole belonged to no one particular character (it was very very complicated and mish-mashed and full), that the special effects were pretty much awesome, and that I would go see another one if they made it. It /was/ too long, but unlike P2 or, for that matter, any of the Spider-Man movies, I never found myself thinking PLEASE GOD GET ON WITH IT. Ted apparently did, but he also drank more soda than I did. I suspect a correlation. :)

If you are someone who has a child under the age of about ten, and you are thinking of bringing the kid to the movie, I would recommend seeing it first. The opening scene was, I thought, genuinely shocking, and I'm not at all sure I'd want to bring a kid to it. 'course, I'd probably have been less disturbed by it at age ten than I am now.

Staying through the credits was, I think, worth it, even though they were very long.

And also, I don't *care* if every good scene in Rise of the Silver Surfer is in the trailer. They're enough to make it worth it. I *so* want to see that movie. OMG. O.O (That said, they really should not have given Jessica Alba blue contacts, because it makes her look like there's something horribly wrong with her eyes. If they wanted a blue-eyed Susan Storm that badly they should've cast somebody else.)
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