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26 May 2007 @ 08:42 am
I've done something* to my upper back, so that much of anything that's not done with perfect posture--say, crouching or bending to take a memory stick from the computer--is breathtakingly owie. Right along the spine between my shoulderblades. This is not my idea of fun. I'd really like a massage.

Zilli is clubbing around and not at all happy about it. Neither am I. Last night he sat on my lap for a while and wanted to lick his cast, so I put my hands in the way. After that I wanted this icon to say, "Kits are not clean! They are covered in CAT SPIT!" Usually Lucy's the one with the Tongue O' Rasp, but apparently when you're trying to wash a cast off your leg your tongue gets much rougher.

I'm sure I could make a more thorough update, but I have to go work on my book, which I appear to have begun dreaming about. Never done that before, to the best of my recollection.

*'Something' in this case is "I am stressed and hunching a great deal and paying for it."
Current Mood: soreinjured
Current Music: fairport convention: the game pieces