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zilli update

Well, Zilli broke two toes clean through and is in a cast for six weeks or possibly more and is extremely unhappy, but, as the vet said, also very lucky. He's lugging this little cast around and meowing, and he's not supposed to go up and down stairs because he could knock the cast loose. We need a baby gate. We're also supposed to make very sure he doesn't lick a lot, because the padding under the cast is cotton and could, if it gets wet enough, swell up and cut off circulation and he could lose the leg. We've got an Elizabethan collar for him if necessary, which would really suck, because he's so paranoid about collars that if you put one on him he backs up into the nearest corner and keeps backing up until he's on his hind feet, trying to escape it. I think I'll take Mom's suggestion and buy some waterproof tape for the top of the wrapping around the cast.

This is no fun at all.
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