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Yesterday it struck me that the Strongbox Chronicles might make a good quick read. I think that's the first time I've ever actually had a genuine impulse to read one of my own books. I haven't yet done so, but maybe I will in the next few days. It sounds like just the right speed.

Killarney photos are up. There might be more later when Ted's gone through his, but for now, there are mine. Plus what's getting posted on kitsnaps (kitsnaps if you want the syndicated feed).

I managed to break 75K on HOUSE OF CARDS. I've got about 40K sitting in the wings, waiting to be heavily revised and re-used, but damned if I can get to the point where I get to start doing that.

Zilli has been sleeping in a box of paper in my office most of the afternoon (because, I think, I was in there. In the office, not the box. We wouldn't both fit in the box. I wouldn't fit in it even without a cat. Anyway, he started complaining after I left, but his irritation at being left alone is not yet greater than his fondness for the box.). His paw doesn't look as badly swollen now, and he's been sleeping in a variety of positions, some of which /must/ put pressure on it, so hopefully he's okay. I will still feel better after we've brought him to the vet, and, sammywol, if anything transpires that requires an excellent small-animals vet I'll email you. Thank you.

ytd wordcount: 98,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 154
Tags: cats, daily life, revisions

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