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Zilli, the darling idiot, jumped or fell out of the second floor (first floor for you weird Europeans) window all the way to the ground, and has badly sprained, bruised or broken his right front paw. It's all swollen up and he's favoring it, and when we tried to look at it he yowled. He appears to be otherwise fine; when it became clear he was favoring that leg we both held him and very carefully checked his whole shoulder and leg with gentle squeezes to see if he protested, and he did not. He has a vet appointment for tomorrow morning at 20 to 10, but I'm pretty stressed about it.

The place we looked at was pretty cool, but the old lady who's renting it is using the third bedroom as a storage room for her stuff. She's also planning to be gone for "at least a year", which could mean anything, and we would (really, really) like somewhere that we don't have to move out of in 12 months' time. In fact, we would really, really like to not have to move again until we decide to buy a house somewhere.

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