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picture framing

So I just got the print for the HEART OF STONE cover and it's lovely, and now I must get it framed. Herein lies a problem.

Everywhere that I've seen in Cork that does picture framing does a very ... old-school style of framing. Either plain black wood or heavily ornate gold stuff. Not much in the way of matting or color choices or anything. It is all, to my American sensibilities, quite awful.

This and this are a couple of not especially great photos of some of our artwork with the kind of framing I'm looking for. If those are absolutely useless I'll dig some of our art out and take closer-up pictures to get across the idea, but does anybody in the Cork area, or, hell, Ireland, have any idea where I might find people who do framework like this? It'd be really absurd to have to bring my art back to America to get it framed...

(eta: Oh, here's my tortoise framed, anyway; that's a good picture. Except the cropping, but nevermind that.)
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