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thinks & thinks

thnks to do today:

- laundry
- a little housecleaning (our bathroom)
- shopping
- swimming
- work on revising this )$%(*& book

Starting to get a little stressed about the book(s). If I'm lucky I'll turn in the revisions approximately the date that the third book is*due*, but I have to throw out everything I wrote on the third one and start over. I haven't had any Insane Writing Days since I wrote "Banshee Cries" in 3 days almost three years ago, and as I was just discussing with Mom, this is because I haven't felt the pressure. How having to write 5 books last year qualifies as "not feeling the pressure" is anybody's guess, but there you go. Maybe the pressure is on now.

Anyway. Guess I better get to it.
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