kit (mizkit) wrote,

a year in review/stupid MT

My stupid moveable type journal isn't working, so I'm posting here today. Hmph.

So at the beginning of this year, I made a bunch of revolutions. They were:

1. to write 400K words of fiction
2. to bike 2000 miles
3. to swim 120 miles
4. to draw 100 drawings
5. to read 104 books
6. to lose 30 pounds

This is what I actually accomplished, out of those:

1. wrote 250K words of fiction
2. biked 605 miles
3. swam 22 miles
4. drew 30 drawings
5. read 79 books
6. lost 15 pounds

The only one of those that I consider to be a real travesty is the failure to read 104 books; I think that's the bare minimum of what I ought to be reading in a year. And I'm a little disappointed with the number of miles biked, but I'll cut myself a little slack there because there were some other things that I didn't set as goals for the year that I've ended up doing.

Unexpectedly achieved goals:

3. walked 360 miles

All and all? A pretty damned good year. :)

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