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This is not the stage of the manuscript when you want to be working through it and finding whole pages you've marked up with red ink. In theory you've moved well beyond that by the time you get to the galleys. Ahahahah. >.<

Usually I don't have quite this many markups. OTOH, usually I haven't rewritten a book four or five times. There's stuff where I just managed to not see that I'd screwed up the punctuation after revising a scene eight hundred times, or where a sentence that made sense once has utterly ceased to, thanks to random infractions of words that no longer belong. It's not all just me; a lot of stuff is the copy editor, but despite my earlier bitching, it's not all just her, either. Good mail day. I just got the official cover for HEART OF STONE (and it's *gorgeous*. I will see if they can email me a jpg which will be a nicer condition image than my scan would be, but if not I'll scan it and show it off), and I got royalty statements. URBAN SHAMAN has sold some 36,000 copies in the last two years. I don't *know* 36,000 people. O.O I am eternally, eternally grateful to all of you who have bought a copy...and to the 35,650 other people who have also bought copies that I can't personally thank. :)

Back to work now, and feeling more chipper about it, too! :)
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