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ups and downs!

Up: one of the guys at the OxFam shop turns out to be a real comic book geek. We had a good time talking today. There were 7 of us on, and about, oh, 7 customers all morning. I also brought the same guy a copy of COYOTE DREAMS, and another guy who's new in today was Terribly Impressed to meet a Real Writer. I've never met anybody as impressed as he was. I did not fit his idea of what a Real Writer would look like (middle-aged, greying, male, tweed coat with leather elbow patches, a pipe), and the whole thing was quite amazing to him. It was funny. :)

Down: our landlord, who had said she was going to put the house on the market when our lease was up in September, has decided to put it up at the end of May. This is aggravating, mostly because there is absolutely no good time to move between now and the middle of August. I've got to finish HoC rewrites and then go *immediately* into writing the third book, which is going to take six weeks if I'm lucky and longer if I'm not, then aberdeen is visiting, followed promptly by genitiggie, followed by me going to conventions two weekends in a row. Obviously we could .not. deal with moving until someone buys the house (which is not going to happen fast: there are four other houses on this block for sale and all of them are nicer internally than this one is), but I really don't want to try to keep the house in show condition all bleeding summer. And besides, we have cats, and they need to be out of the house for showing it because I don't trust anybody to not lose them, so yeah. Rather not be here, thanks. So, argh. I'm now actively looking for places to rent (and the gorgeous, gorgeous place with the amazing views has not yet rented and so I'm asking them if they'd take less money, because what the hell, right?), and...argh! Oh well, nothing like a time crunch to focus the mind. o.O

Up: I got fan mail for THE CARDINAL RULE, of all things, as it's apparently been released in Australia (as a book club thing, I think), so that made me pretty cheerful. :)

thinks i really have to do this afternoon:
- clean the kitty litter
- clean the kitchen
- make some bread
- figure out what to do about dinner
- writing would be good
- do some laundry
- walking some more would be good, too

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