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spider-man, audio books, rewrites, oh my! has COYOTE DREAMS in! The books must be doing pretty well in audio format, because this is *way* faster than either of the other two were released. I got CDs of the first two books just a week or so ago, in fact, which made me beam a lot. :)

Spider-Man III review, since several people have asked me: spoiler-free, but

In a nutshell: far, far too long, but better than I expected. Mind you, I went in with low expectations. The pacing was bad (it has been for all three movies) and it was just too goddamned long. The special effects were fantastic, though. Lots of people've said Too Many Bad Guys, and I agree; Harry should've had his own movie, but at the same time I understand why they wrote it the way they did. It's not what I woulda done, but for some reason Sam Raimi didn't ask me.

It did not have any of the moments of pure Spider-Man geek joy that the first one especially had. That may be partly because we've now seen it before, but I also think it's a failing of the film. I mean, the bit in the first one where Spidey rescues MJ and comes swinging across the park with her in his arms and puts her down, that was just 110% SQUEE! Nothing like that in this one. OTOH, the Stan Lee cameo was beautiful.

Uhm. I didn't think Gwen Stacey was well cast, well written or well used; Kirsten Dunst would've made a better Gwen (but the girl who played Gwen wouldn't have made a better MJ). Ted proposed that since they didn't kill her, she should become the Black Cat, which I thought was a great idea. She'd be good as the Black Cat (though Ted leaned over during the movie and said, "The landlord's daughter should become the Black Cat!" and I was so charmed by that idea that I was very surprised when her name turned out to be Ursula and not Felicia).

Also, personally, if the Spider-Man movies were mine to do with as I pleased, I swear to God I would turn MJ into Firestar. I realize how deeply, deeply geeky that is, but man, after three movies of dangling in webs screaming, if I were MJ I would just be like *fuck* this shit! Actually, if they keep going with the movies, they really need to write MJ out, which has nothing to do with Dunst and everything to do with giving Spidey some room to breathe.

Seeing Topher Grace on the Spider-Man screen re-affirmed my belief that he shoulda been cast as Spidey in the first place. I like Tobey Maguire, but I think he's too geeky and doesn't have the spark that Spidey ought to have. J.K. Simmons stole the show as J. Jonah Jameson, as usual. And I really, really liked the Sandman, although his storyline was badly grafted on to the previous movies. Still, the actor did a fantastic job, and the effects were awesome.

But still, *way* too long. Way, *way* too long. Pee before you go, and don't drink a lot of soda while you're there.

Rewrites proceed apace. I keep saying that. knappenp has taken to calling the book HOUSE OF REWRITES, which I think is pretty funny. :)

I'm not swimming tonight for the *extremely* shallow reason that I have had bad hair for days and days and have hated it and today my hair is good and I don't want to mess it up. I'll go for a walk this evening, though. That'll have to do.
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