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I have swum TEN TIMES! I am very proud of myself. I have earned a 10 day pool pass, which is slightly cheaper than paying as you go.

Today I did my 2K straight, just kind of to see if I could. I could. :) The last 500 meters, somebody who could *swim* was in the lane with me. We were about dead even in speed, though I don't know which of us would be faster if we were actually trying. Probably him, 'cause, well, boy. I told Ted this, and he started laughing and laughing, and then making ferocious small dog noises. I think he thinks I'm competitive. :)

I'm engaging in slightly neurotic behavior at the writing computer. I'm all, "Augh! No solitaire! Augh! What do I *do* with myself? Augh! Crap! I guess I better write..." Finished most of a chapter today. o.o

Oh! I got Petite to 30th level yesterday! I got into a group with 37th level missions and rolled through the level, all the while thinking "I really should go write..." Anyway, I mentioned to Ted I'd reached 30th and he immediately logged in to try to get his highest-level character to 31st. *laugh* And he thinks *I'm* competitive? (Actually, he thinks it would be All Wrong for me to have a higher-level character than him, and he's mostly right, but I might have to try to pass him anyway just for the wrongness factor. :))

We're going to see Spider-Man III tonight. Despite lithera's pithy spoiler-free review (there might be spoilers in the comments. It's the first few lines I'm specifically referring to. :)). :)

ytd wordcount: 88,800
ytd miles swum: 11.75
Tags: city of heroes, exercise, revisions, swimming
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