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The world's most cheerful postman just delivered the author alteration manuscript for HEART OF STONE. This is the "this is the last time you will see this book before you get published copies, so better find all your screw-ups now, and by the way, we need it back on Tuesday" version of the book. Except they actually don't need it til a week Monday, which is practically loads of time. o.O

I'm just all like "aghglth! splght! ack!" You know. Bill-the-Cat-like. And at the moment I feel a sad lack of Bill-the-Cat icons. Though this one does nicely. :)

It's just like The Series That Would Not Die. Or maybe The Book That Would Not Die, but given how deep I am into revisions on book two, and the complete rewrite of the existing material on book 3 looming in front of me, it feels more like TSTWND. I'm still going to take tomorrow off and go to the swim meet comma dammit, but I can see what the remainder of the bank holiday weekend holds in store for me.

A calamity of this magnitude clearly requires a Cadbury creme egg.
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