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I got up at 6:30 this morning and I'm /perky/. How weird is that?

I have also just eaten enough food to choke a horse, because OMG SO HUNGRY. Swimming does that to me. However, the *nice* bit is that swimming, in Weight Watchers terms, is like the Brass Ring of +5 To Eat. 40 minutes of swimming is a completely absurd 5 activity points earned, and I can eat a lot of good-for-me food with 5 points, man. And I just have. MmmMMMMMMmmmm. So yummy!

I'm starting up a weight loss journal over at thin_kit. Entries will be locked but I'll friend anybody who wants to read along, not that I expect it'll be very interesting.

Uhm. Writing went reasonably well today. Got through chapter 13. knappenp, who is reading along after having read the first draft, keeps squacking about changes. I think that's good. And he's picking up on excellent minor details (which, fortunately, so far have not yet escaped my own attention, but which are really helpful to have someone else looking out for).

I also mentally skipped Wednesday this week. Yesterday was Tuesday, today is Thursday. Unfortunately, I was supposed to volunteer at the fair trade shop on Wednesday....

miles to Minas Tirith: 128
ytd wordcount: 82,500
sekrit number: 9.25
Tags: revisions, ww07

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