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Surrender the manuscript!

I have just stolen this graphic from rachelcaine and intend to use it until I've finished these damned revisions.

Actually, I'm getting a little depressed over how much revising I've got to do. *sigh* I keep going through the manuscript trying to find scenes I can salvage for the part that I'm currently at, and everything I find has to be so completely rewritten that there's not even any point in trying to use the original text as a jump-off point. There _is_ salvageable material later on (though that, too, has to be rewritten), but I have what is clinically known as "fuckloads of new story" to write before I can get there.

I've now been sitting here for fifteen minutes trying to think of what else I can add to this entry, but apparently that pretty well sums it up. Guess it's time to go back on my head.
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