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20 April 2007 @ 03:33 pm
revision report  
Four chapters in, and I've cut about 3500 words, I think, and added ... well. Current wordcount is only 1000 words shy of what the original wordcount is, so if I've cut that much, I've added another 2500. (I hate trying to figure out wordcounts for revisions.) Thus far it's been about small edits that tighten things up, and changing a handful of minor yet significant details which will cumulatively change the feel and direction of the entire book.

I think out of all the books I wrote/edited heavily last year (HEART OF STONE, COYOTE DREAMS, THE PHOENIX LAW, HOUSE OF CARDS and THE QUEEN'S BASTARD), this one (HOUSE OF CARDS) suffered the most for the amount of writing I was doing. I also think, though, that I never had a solid enough idea of what the story was, and that that, far more than the sheer amount of writing, is the real problem I'm facing, or faced, or however you want to put it. I'm not at all sure writing less would've had a positive effect on its structure. Brainstorming more might've, and more time might've made me do that, but who knows? :)

I've only gotten a couple chapters done a day, today and yesterday. That's not as fast as I'd like to be moving, but given that the changes are only likely to become greater and more significant as I go on, it may be a sensible number to shoot for.

And now, speaking of numbers to shoot for, I'm going to go on a nice long walk, because I'm trying to walk 100 miles this month, where 'month' starts with March 26th, since that's when I started my walk to Minas Tirith. That's 4 miles a day for the next week, which actually isn't all that far at all. Nifty!
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kitmizkit on April 20th, 2007 08:39 pm (UTC)
O How I Love To Hear That. :)