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writing is hard.

Finished reading HoC for revisions. The good news is that everything is minor, except the one very large thing that I basically feared was a problem right from the beginning but couldn't see how to fix and so hoped nobody else would notice it, more or less. For some reason, that never works. *squinchy face* Unfortunately, I still don't know how to fix it. It's a basic Second Book In A Trilogy problem. There's a lot of setup for things that'll happen in the third book, but not quite enough *there* for an emphatic story of its own.

I'm theoretically starting revisions this afternoon, but I'm not entirely sure there's much point in doing the detail work until I know how to fix the larger problem, because the details will possibly get swept up/changed in fixing the larger problem. Tomorrow there'll be brainstorming, and with any luck I'll get something figured out. (Oh, hey, I know. I'll work on 100 Years a bit. It's not proper work, it's true, but it's fun, and I'd said I'd do it, and my brainstorming session is already set for tomorrow instead of today, so it's not a /bad/ use of time...right?)

In the meantime I've discovered that too much sweet stuff now gives me the same sort of reaction that too much alcohol does, albeit to a considerably lesser degree: accelarated heartbeat, twisty tummy, general inability to sleep. There is, of course, a very obvious solution to this, which at the moment I'm feeling quite inclined to pursue.
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