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preparing for revisions

It's amazing how much a manuscript can be reduced by changing font style and paragraph spacing. I'm printing out HOUSE OF CARDS for revisions (blee), and it's a 475 page manuscript in my usual style (Courier font size 12, line height set to exact: 25pt, 1" margins all around on letter-sized paper). Not wanting to print it 2 sheets to a page, and being too lazy to deal with the printer's double-side printing capacity (it works, but it requires re-feeding the paper manually, and it's a bother, plus the pages curl, so meh), I changed the spacing to 1.5, the font to Times New Roman, and made sure the printer thought it was printing on A4 paper (which it is). The result: 265 page manuscript.

This is why Harlequin, a while ago, went to using exact word counts for their series romances. If I turned in a 400 page manuscript in the style I'm currently printing at, it would have a hell of a lot more words in it than a 400 page manuscript in my usual style. I personally keep track of my actual wordcount, always aiming for an actual 110K (or whatever is appropriate) for the book I'm working on, and then use the 250 words per page times the number of pages for my approximate wordcount when I turn the manuscript in. In the style I use, there's usually about a 10% discrepancy between the actual wordcount (according to Word) and the wpp wordcount (HOUSE OF CARDS has 109,940 words and 475 pages, so I put it down as being 119K). I once met someone who put together an algebraic formula to explain the discrepancy, because it bugged her so much.

Anyway, I was just writing this to fill the time while I printed out the manuscript, and now it's printed, so I have to go to work.

*laughs out loud* My husband is over here playing his highest-level CoH character so that I don't catch up with him. *laughs more* Stinker man! *laughs*

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