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Being neither chefted nor arcaedia when it comes to cooking, I'm pleased to report my dinner of baked pork chops and an apple stuffing turned out pretty nicely. The stuffing could use onion and maybe a little more seasoning, and my pork chops turned out a little dry because I still haven't gotten used to the damned fan-assisted ovens, but overall, pretty good. :) (See, it is noteworthy that my "cooking" icon is actually a *baking* icon, because baking is what I prefer to do. Baking pork chops, however, does not count. :))

We have a blender on this madcap mixer thing. I'm thinking of making an attempt to find a smoothie or two I like. Smoothies are supposed to be morally superior foodstuffs, right? Put yogurt in them and get part of your daily allowance of milk, all that sort of thing? Now, the problem, I suspect, is that I like sweet foods, and I don't usually regard fruit as properly sweet. Moreover, I don't particularly like the ones that *are*, like peaches or nectarines. (Well, cooked peaches are good.) But! I will try! Anybody have any smoothie recipes they swear by? :)
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