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we're back!

I remain embarrassingly weak in the face of Remy Zero's "Somebody Save Me", which apparently short-circuits any real brain function and cuts directly to the repository of Goopy Teenage Angst that lies in wait for that sort of thing. No doubt associating the song with Tom Welling helps that tendency. :)

Easter was very nice. Seirid and Breic were pretty charming all weekend, though we did all get up before 7 both yesterday and today, which made for a quite sleepy me. I helped Seirid take a picture of Deirdre, which was pretty cool, seeing her from the angle *he* sees her at. I'll post the picture when somebody sends it to me. :)

Mom made a couple of really delicious dinners and some wooonderful lemon meringue pie, and Deirdre gave me a massage which made my shoulders go pop-pop in this very mellow, as she said, way, and boy, I could go for one of those on a weekly basis. Of course, to make up for all that niceness, Ted hit me in the face. *laugh* Poor Ted. He felt worse than I did, and it was completely not his fault. He was raising a hand emphatically about something and I just walked into it. A case of Very Bad Timing. :)

That's about all I know. I'm nearly done with line edits (have to go do revisions on one more scene), and then I'll send it all off to my editor with the warning that tomorrow I'm going to go over the actual copy edits and so there might be more on the way. I've decided I may be too shy on deadlines, and therefore dinking around more than I should be, so I'm starting to set up some actual self-imposed deadlines for the next few months. They may end up being moving targets, but that's better than this lacksadaisical approach I've been taking.

Important question: does anybody know if Doctor Who is re-run later in the week, besides just on Sunday night? 'cause we were off being familial and therefore didn't watch it this weekend. :)

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