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A couple nights ago we watched David Tennant (who really is a long tall drink of water, oh my) on some talk show which was ... well, Ted and I spent most of it (when we weren't screaming with laughter) agog over the things they say on British TV that you Just Couldn't Say on American TV. :) Anyway, but one of the bits was about some music video that apparently Tennant took part in because it was a video for The Proclaimers, and he (being Scottish himself) is a raging Proclaimers fan and he'd never gotten to meet them and really wanted to, so he was very excited about doing the video. Only it turned out when he got there that they'd done their bit already and were gone again, and he was just gutted. So they were the musical guests on the talk show that night, and the host, helpfully, said, "Oh, they recorded their bit this afternoon and won't actually *be* here at all." The look on Tennant's face was quite wonderful. :)

Anyway, they were there and they did "500 Miles" and I've walked 12 miles in the last couple days so that song was in my head.


I have put DVDs in the mail for bellinghman and a handful of books in for various people whom I claimed I'd send things to AAAAAAAAGES ago and didn't. This behavior will continue until I run out of books and DVDs to send, or, alternately, run out of money with which to send them. Oh, and not at all related, I read THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE. It was pretty good.

Yeah, that's it from Ireland tonight. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 33
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