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TV on DVD purge

In a fit of housecleaning, I'm making an attempt to get rid of some of our TV on DVD. I have the following available to a good home and will ship it to you just as long as I can get rid of it. If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll cross things off as (if) they're picked up. Alternately, if you have a suggestion as to what else to /do/ with it, I'm all ears.

Alias: seasons 1-3 Region 1, season 4 Region 2
Dead Zone: seasons 1-4 Region 1 to morgie
La Femme Nikita: seasons 1 & 3 Region 1 to morgie, 2-3 to madmiss Region 3
4400: seasons 1-2 Region 2 to shadowhwk
Dr. Who: season 1 Tardis box Region 2 to janne
Stargate: Atlantis: season 1 Region 2 to bellinghman
Stargate: SG1: season 9 Region 2 to bellinghman
Supernatural: season 1 Region 2 to indiana_j
Spooks: season 3 Region 2
Smallville: season 5 Region 2

"Region" begins to look very very wrong if you type it that many times in a row.

eta: Region 2 DVDs will not play in the US unless you have an all-region DVD player, I'm afraid. However, you can get a key code for most DVD players to make them all-region for about ten bucks. Put your DVD player details into Google and ask for an all-region code and you should be able to find one.
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