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20 March 2007 @ 09:43 am
on cats & pirates  
After several days of feeding the cats separately, I have concluded pretty conclusively that Lucy is not interested in overeating for food's sake. She was clearly overeating so Zilli didn't get the food. She'll still charge in toward Zilli's food if she's near it when I set it down, but if I pick her up and take her into the other room and feed her, she eats a very moderate, even tiny, amount, and then is finished. Of course, she's on ordinary cat food now, instead of the easily digestible stuff that Zilli's on, so possibly she doesn't need as much of it to be satisfied, too. However, I'm quite sure the I Am The Alpha Cat thing weighs heavily in her, well, weighing heavily. Little bitch! :)

Zilli, on the other hand, is going to town on this whole having his own food thing. I suspect he may be getting /more/ food than he was before, although I'm weighing it out now and so I'm confident he's not getting more than he needs. He also has not vomited since I started feeding them separately. This is definitely a win. (In fact, concerned about him eating too much and puking, I took his food away halfway through the bowl a day or two ago, and he sat there for a moment, then went, "MOWWWL!" in utter misery. Apparently he wasn't done. I gave it back to him. O.O And he ate most of what was left, but he didn't puke. Yay!)

Just what you wanted this morning, a discourse on cat vomit. :)

*SQUEE* Ted and I just watched the trailer for the 3rd Pirates movie. SQUEE! I WANT TO GO I WANT TO GO I WANT TO GO! But Ted says I have to WAIT. TWO MONTHS. WAAAAH! I WANT TO GO I WANT TO GO I WANT TO GO!

man. and instead i have to go to work. no fair!

thinks to do:
- see how far I can get on HoCH revisions
- trundle to the store
- exercise, which i FAILED to do yesterday
- spend 15 minutes cleaning the living room
- mask design for chance #4 before ardian kills me
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Current Music: pirates theme!
The Bellinghmanbellinghman on March 20th, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
Little bitch

She's obviously confused as to species, too!

When our cats were but kittens, a decade ago, the tom had kitten diarrhea, and the vet' prescribed him a diet comprising white meats such as chicken or fish rather than normal catfood. Well, we realised there was no way we could feed him that and give the other two (including the 10 year old) normal food.

So, for about three months, they all three got diced roast chicken and the like. I'd go to the local Chinese supermarket, buy a 10 kilo box of frozen chicken breast fillets, we'd thaw the box out (it's about 48 hours at room temperature), and then bake the fillets in the oven. Once cooked and cooled, we'd dice the result, and freeze it in plastic freezer trays, thawing and giving them one tray per meal.

They really didn't like it when they finally went onto 'normal' cat food.
kitmizkit on March 20th, 2007 10:29 am (UTC)
I think that's we who are confused as to her species. :)

*laugh* POOR KITTIES. MOST OPPRESSED EVER. MEANEST HUMANS! *laugh* I bet they weren't happy at *all*!
The Bellinghmanbellinghman on March 20th, 2007 10:44 am (UTC)
Ten years later, they're still telling us about it, especially if we happen to be cooking chicken.

They get fed one tin of meat a day, and as much biscuit as they want. (A water bowl as well, in case they ever get bored of frog-flavoured pond water.)

The tin is opened at 18:00.

They'll be hovering from 15:30 onwards if we happen to be around.

They could go out and catch a meal's worth of fresh meat in that time, but no, it's got to be the tinned meat. Freshly caught food is for 02:00, for their humans who might be getting hungry in the middle of the night.