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19 March 2007 @ 09:18 am
jez' a reminder  
My monthly two week writing challenge starts today and goes through the end of March. Participants can keep track of what they're working on and how far they've gotten in their goals over at toonowrimo!

thinks to do today:
- fold the laundry
- exercise, which is not the same as
- go for a walk
- see how far I can get with HoCH

...and not that this has anything to do with anything, but I want the ability to create more 'current moods' and assign new pictures to them. I don't get a lot of use out of most of the pre-set moods, but I could really use an 'anticipatory', for example...
Current Mood: groggygroggy
darillian: Nature Stagdarillian on March 19th, 2007 09:43 am (UTC)
I don't know how your 'moods' works, but I can pick the picture and type my own words in.

'Course, mine aren't fancy-dancy mood pics like yours... *grin*
kitmizkit on March 19th, 2007 10:12 am (UTC)
Yes, mine works the same way, but I want a broader variety of pictures to assign! Even if you put a new word in you still get the same picture. :)
rhienellethrhienelleth on March 19th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
I am almost positive>/i> there is a way to accomplish this. I can remember doing it, or something damn close, when I made my own Alias mood theme about two weeks after starting my journal. Which was, um, four years ago, I think. I'll do some searching and see if I can rediscover the method.

Cause you're right, various emotions fall under the same category, like "sad" or "depressed", but you can also assign individual pics to all of them, if you were so inclined, or at least you could. I remember thinking that was so cool for the first several moods. Then I got lazy and started letting "categories" keep the same pic. Should work the same for "custom" moods.