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~o early one morning o~

I gotta say, this waking up early thing is getting out of hand. o.O OTOH, it's 10:30 and I've gotten 1200 words written (and I'd have had more if I hadn't spent the better part of an hour playing solitaire. I really should remove that quicklink to it.), so there's obviously something to be said for the waking up early bit.

Yesterday's thinks to do list was so successful I feel like I should make another one, but yesterday's was so successful that I don't have anything left hanging to do from it!

I'm having one of those brief crises where I think, boy, maybe everybody would rather I was writing a Blog About Writing and all of this stuff about getting up early and cleaning the house isn't what they want at all* (gosh, can you imagine?), so today people should ask me a question about something, and I will attempt to blog about it over the next few days. Writing, life, comics, book/movie reviews, complusive hair disorder, whatever.

*the truth is, I'm pretty sure I'm too lazy to keep two separate blogs, one For Writing and one For Other Stuff, so if you're reading my lj you're pretty much stuck with what you get, but still, once in a while I do have these little crises. :)
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