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I am not procrastinating.

I am eating breakfast. There's a big difference! As soon as I have finished eating breakfast I will turn off this computer and go to work. Really. :)

Lucy has become such a tubby kitty that chasing a piece of string makes her wheezy. I'm going to go find some low-fat cat food, or possibly just some not-for-the-delicate-of-bowel-Zilli cat food, and start feeding the cats separately and on a schedule. None of us will like that at all, but it won't hurt any of us, either. (Now if someone would do that for me!)

thinks to do:
- see how far i can get in HANDS OF CHANGE revisions
- defrost fridge
- pick a room, any room, and spend 15 minutes CLEANING IT
- go shopping
- go for a walk

Breakfast done. Off to work now.
Tags: cats, procrastinating

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