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the first cut...

I'm sitting here trying to talk myself into making the first, necessary, cut on my manuscript. I've already taken a couple pages of notes and stricken things out on the paper copy, but attacking the electronic copy is It means that yes, in fact, I have accepted that I must move chapter five to chapter two and cut most of the original chapter 2-4 and somehow stitch it into place so it works and write a completely different scenario to bring in one of the characters and throw in a fight scene and figure out how to make the damned meeting of two other characters /happen/ because they really need to meet, and send this other character off for different reasons to accomplish something expects but which will dramatically affect the middle part of the book, and--

See? I know what to do. I just have to...

...apparently I just have to find the memory stick the manuscript is on, because I just tried to open the file and it wasn't here. Doh.

Ah, there it is. I put it Somewhere Safe (in the computer desk drawer). know, it might actually be easier to do this on the other computer. Cut & paste is a pain in the ass with that computer because there's no mouse, but the version of Word on that computer opens the files up in separate windows, making flipping from one to another much much easier. Anybody know how to make Word 2000 do that? (This is not an invitation to tell me why some other writing software is superior. I don't care. I'm using Word. And, rob_donoghue, that is not a comment aimed at you, even though we were just talking about these sorts of things elsewhere. :))

Anyway, ok, yeah, off I go to make that first nasty cut. -zooms-
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