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I've just had a chat conversation with Breic, who is just a little over four years old:

Rosie: Mr. Breic is sitting on my lap now.
Catie: Hello Mr. Breic!
Rosie: hi
Rosie: That was Breic!
Catie: Wow! A very typing Breic!
Breic: yeah
Catie: How is Mr. Breic today? Did you have a good time playing outside?
Breic: yeah
Catie: And did you have a yummy dinner?
Breic: yeah
Catie: I'm glad to hear that. :)
Breic: how are you
Catie: I'm very good, thank you!
Breic: good
Catie: Are you and Seirid being good boys for Grandma and Grandpa?
Breic: yeah
Catie: That's good. I'm proud of you. :)
Breic: we can go outside n the morning
Catie: That sounds like fun!
I hope it won't be raining!
I went outside to play this afternoon, too, just like you did.
Breic: goodnight now i love you
Catie: Good night! I love you too!
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