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off for the weekend

Ted and I are going up to Dublin for PCon this weekend. I don't even know if we're bringing the laptop, much less whether we'll have net access, so there may be radio silence til sometime Monday afternoon.

I *am* bringing Gail Dayton's ETERNAL ROSE, 3rd book in her One Rose trilogy, which I get to read months ahead of schedule 'cause she asked me to blurb it. Ahahaha. Sometimes being a writer is very cool. :) I've *really* enjoyed the first two books in the series, and am rillyrilly looking forward to reading the third.

I'm also bringing a copy of CHANCE so slovobooks (and others) can look at it, and must remember to bring copies of WINTER MOON for hawkwind_lb and others as give-aways. And we must bring our cameras so Sunday night we can go around Dublin and do some night photography. And--right. Must do a bunch of things, but right now, must go to the store to get food for the train.

Looking forward to this weekend. Yay!
Tags: career, conventions, getting out of the house
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