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Well, I managed to stay offline until 3:30, anyway. :) Read a book--oh I *hate* that! About a third of the way through it, I started thinking, "Well, when are they going to bring the other character back in? They've got to do it fast if they're going to wrap it up by the end of the book..." About halfway through it, I realized that they were *not* going to wrap this up by the end of the book, and checked: the author apparently intends to write 8 books, and I thought it was a trilogy! Augh! Very frustrating!

Pretty good series, though: YA, called The Books of Pellinor, the first three books being THE GIFT, THE RIDDLE and THE CROW, and *hey*. Ok, they advertise themselves as a trilogy, so I feel less foolish now. (And, hrm, suggests it's a quartet. Well, whatever it is, it's more than 3 books!) Anyway, they're your fairly typical Young Hero Discovers Unexpected Gift And World-Saving Destiny To Go With It kinds of stories, but the world is very well realized and the characters are engaging enough for me to be willing to read a very familiar story again. My only bitch is that the author does not appear to be putting on a persona herself, but is referring to the stories as translations of the ancient texts of Pellinor without making any pretense that this is old-earth history, or that she is someone from Pellinor, and I don't care for that. This is probably not the kind of thing that would bother most people. :)

And I wrote a couple hundred words, too, for the first time in forever. Yaaaay! I should go write more, although I probably won't, if you want to know so much. I have this irrational desire to get to 200 pages on the manuscript before I go back and slaughter it. I don't know why, because it'll probably end up being about 140 pages when I'm done, but still, I want to. :)

Blue Kit needs food badly!

Oh, but before I go find food, at least right now, COYOTE DREAMS is #5 on's contemporary fantasy list of hot pre-releases. And Jim's WHITE KNIGHT is #1. :)

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