March 3rd, 2017


last PT session for a while

Saw my PT again yesterday. I can tell I’ve loosened up by the fact that most of what she’s doing now causes comparatively little agony (I still like having my calves worked on best, because there are no knots!), but ‘comparatively little’ is still leaving me wiped out and sore. But there’s a lot less fasciculation when she goes after a knot now, which suggests to me that the muscles are not so hopelessly frozen together.

I apparently mucked up my lower back sometime in the past week, because she was all “have you been lifting things?” and really dragged me around some yesterday. I can’t really tell if I feel better or just tired. (No, I do feel better.)

Tragically, I’ve run out of my magic gift card sessions, so I won’t be able to go back as often. I’d keep going back weekly for the next three months, if I could.

I need to invest some kind of discipline in exercise, but right now it’s all tied up in not eating sugar. *sigh*

Ok, that’s all I got right now.

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Sugar Wars: A Corner Turned

I’ve turned a corner with this whole thing. Since Sunday I’ve been…pretty indifferent to the idea of treats. I mean, I had my Thursday hot chocolate, but I had a discussion with myself about it and got it after the movie I went to, when I’d actually gotten to some level of hunger, instead of shortly after lunch & before the movie when I was quite full but trying hard to convince myself that I really needed to get that hot chocolate now. I finally was like “no, really, why would you?” and walked away from it until I had actual appetite.

I ate sensibly all the way around the rest of the day, too, which is really unusual, as Thursdays are kind of my Indulgence Day, and I don’t berate myself for whatever I might eat on that day.

I did have four small cookies and a glass of milk after dinner tonight, but it wasn’t even vaguely an OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE SWEETS kind of thing. I had millions of calories left in my budget and a variety of things I could have chosen, but I thought cookies just sounded nice, so I baked up a few and ate them and they were *lovely*…and I didn’t even remember that I’d baked up more so Ted (who had gone to a movie) could have a few too. Usually that would be a fingernails in the couch cushions keeping myself away from them kind of thing, so…yeah. I feel like I’ve turned a corner.

I also still ended up miles under my calorie budget, which was a totally unexpected but nice bonus. I have, in fact, been on or under budget all week (unless I’m hopelessly miscounting my intake, but I try hard to overestimate rather than underestimate), which is the first time that’s happened in this entire process. If I can get through tomorrow, and I have no reason to expect I can’t at this point, I’ll have 7 full days of on-budget eating, which is pretty great.

And now I’m going to bed, because my eyes are very tired.

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