February 28th, 2017


Sugar Wars: Paying the Piper

If you’ll recall, I confessed to many indulgences last week, some of which were foods I know don’t agree with my digestive system and which I expected to pay for having eaten.

I paid in spades tonight, not only in the expected manner (ie, a gas attack), but, because it came upon me immediately after dinner, in way of expelling the incredibly good seafood fettucini my husband had so kindly made for me because I love it and don’t get to have it often.

It was not as good coming up as it had been going down, although all its components were easily distinguishable both on my palate and in the bucket.

This was a greater penalty than I had intended to pay for my popcorn and egg salad, and I am contemplating the possibility that popcorn is Just Not Worth It. (But dammit, I like it so much. *sigh*)

Anyway, gastronomical distress aside, I may have turned a corner in the sugar wars. It’s been a few days now since I’ve been able to dig up any interest in, say, cookies. I consider them and I’m just like “eh, nah,” which at…what, like 23 days into this? Is about right, given they say rewiring habits doesn’t start to settle in until you’ve been doing the new practice at least 3 weeks.

Oh, and despite last week’s indulgences, I was down about half a pound on weigh-in day, which, given that the above gastronomical distress was no doubt in place and building at the time, felt pretty successful.

Anyway, I’m having a cup of hot tea to rehydrate & ward off the chills from this evening’s adventure, and going to bed.

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