February 17th, 2017


horrible horrible tea

Oh, god. My eyes have been hideously dry, and having had some luck with Chinese herbal tea in remedying this in the past, I went to a Chinese doctor yesterday to see if I could get some tea.

I was subjected to a beating (which some might have called vigorous acupressure, but my gawd) and given, instead of packeted dried components already ground up to make a tea, seven (well, seven pairs of) substantial bags of dried herbs and the following instructions:

1. Steep the first bag’s contents in cold water for 20+ minutes.
2. Simmer for 20 minutes.
3. Add the second bag’s contents.
4. Breathe the steam for 20 minutes.
5. Strain. Drink half the tea in the morning, and half at night.

I could tell from the smell of the herbs that it was going to taste just like the utterly awful pre-prepared stuff I’d had before, and I was right. The breathing the steam part wasn’t so bad, but OH MY GOD THAT’S HORRIBLE. I choked down most of the cup before concluding if I drank any more I was going to vomit. It’ll just have to do. I can’t do better. Oh my god. And I have to get through 13 more cups of this stuff, AND of course I was told not to expect any dramatic improvements in merely a week and that NEXT week she’d give me different herbs and I should have acupuncture. Which wouldn’t hurt as much as the beating vigorous acupressure, so, y’know.

*shudder* god that’s awful. maybe i’ll take pictures next time. o.o

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Sugar Wars: Day Eat All The Things

Actually Day Eat All The Things was yesterday and today has been Eat Hardly Any Of The Things, because there were So Many Things Eaten Yesterday.

I had caramel-coated popcorn at the movie theatre. It’s probably verboten under the circumstances, but I didn’t subsidize it with a soda, which I’d have done if I’d gotten regular popcorn, so I’m calling it a caloric draw and not worrying about it. And there was eating out and hot chocolate and, y’know. All The Food. But I didn’t fall down on counting calories, which is half my current battle, so overall it’s cool.

And now I’m going to bed.

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