April 14th, 2016


Kitsnacks: Homemade Pop Tarts

Many years ago, presumably before Pop Tarts began to be a thing that occasionally showed up on Irish grocery store shelves, I got the idea into my head that one could, y’know, probably MAKE them. I looked for recipes, but never got around to making them.

A couple weekends ago I was making pot pie anyway and thought I should make up an extra batch of pie crust and try ’em.

oh my flippin’ stars.


I used my basic pie crust recipe and added about a quarter cup of sugar to it, which I had never in the history of pie-crust-making done before and which rendered a *very* nice sweet crust. I used homemade jam, blackberry in some and strawberry in others, and oh my flippin’ stars. The ones with the blackberry jam were IN. SANE. INSANE. (The strawberry jam ones were merely fantastic.)

Then, because the recipe I wasn’t really following suggested it, and because Pop Tarts Have Frosting, I made (well, Ted made) some icing that was, frankly, *completely* unnecessary. I mean, like, genuinely unnecessary. It made them too sweet, and I generally have a sweet tolerance like nobody’s business.


I believe that in the future if I want to make them with frosting I’ll probably forego the sugar in the crust, because honestly, I felt that something had to give, there.

Recipe follows!

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