April 11th, 2016


Picoreview: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Picoreview: The Huntsman: Winter’s War: even worse than I expected. I said that to Mom, that it was worse than I expected and I went in expecting to be disappointed, and she said, “I’m glad there was SOME surprise!” *laughs out loud*

You can tell it’s bad before the credits even really get rolling, because Liam Neeson starts doing a completely unnecessary voiceover, and he keeps at it periodically throughout the film.

I believe that if they had given Charlize Theron a piece of furniture she would have literally chewed it; I commend her for her absolute commitment to the role. If she and Eddie Redmayne’s character from Jupiter Ascending got together it would be epic. There were a couple of guys sitting next to me. One of them kept pulling his hoodie over his head and flailing during the most impressive bits of the scenery-chewing.

There are some good things. It’s very pretty. The costuming is rather wonderful. The fight scenes are pretty good. As far as I can tell (having only seen the first film once, several years ago), they largely avoided the massive worldbuilding mistakes that plagued the first one. They are therefore to be admired for making a whole new host of shiny fresh mistakes, the first of which (I mean, besides Liam’s voiceover) is overwhelming and uncircumventable given what they did, so I will now make a spoiler cut behind which It Will Be Spoiled.

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