December 29th, 2015


2015 Reading Stats

My major goal for 2015, as far as reading was concerned, was to try to clear out the TBR shelf. I started the year, AFAICT, with 79 books on it; it now has 46. I bought 17 new books, 15 of which I read, and I bounced off five books entirely.

According to Goodreads I read a total of 59 books. According to my own recent reads page I read 66; the latter is more accurate although not necessarily spot on. I read most of them, by a considerable margin (30+), in the 8 weeks we HAD NO INTERNET this summer. Obvs this answers the question of “what did I do before the internet.”

I declared 2015 a year of Reading Books By People I Know, and started the year with 29 books by people I knew on the TBR list, bought an additional 8, and have read 24 of the resulting 37. I shall endeavour to read the remaining 13 in 2016 (plus the sequels that were why a couple of them didn’t get read this year–I wanted to read ’em all at one go and they weren’t all out yet!).

I only read one of my 11 non-fiction books. It’d be unreasonable to expect myself to read the remaining ten in 2016 but I think I’ll try to do a little better there. Even if the typography book gives me typography dreams after only a few pages of reading. :)

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To Be Read 2016

I’ve just moved most of our TBR shelf into the living room, where it can be seen and therefore perhaps take on greater urgency than being in the library (which seems like the sensible place for it, but we, y’know, *live* in the living room…). 90% of the books on it are more than 6 months old; 75% are more than a year old. Anything LEFT on it at the end of 2016 is going to the used bookstore unread, because enough is enough. I personally have about 40 books on the shelf, excluding graphic novels, ten of which are non-fiction and which I don’t reasonably expect to read all of in 2016.

Behind the cut lies the almost inevitably incomplete To Be Read list. Books with a star beside them are first-in-series and may be moved to to the end of the list, depending on whether the whole series is available; books marked L/I/K/E T/H/I/S are books I bounced off, and books in parentheses are new purchases in 2016.

My next goal is to be buying more books on my Kobo, so a *physical* TBR shelf doesn’t have to be moved from one house to another ever again. :P

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