June 30th, 2015


Kitchen Illusion

So the thing about Irish houses is they mostly have laundry facilities in the kitchen. This is because even up until about five years ago, “all mod cons” — all modern conveniences, including, say, a washing machine (but not a tumble dryer; those are more than Modern Conveniences) — were stil fancy enough to be mentioned in house ads, and most of those Mod Cons ended up in the kitchen because it’s where the running water was.

We spent the first 3 days in this house with our 6′ butcher block against one wall, a table and several chairs in the middle of the room, our small freezer in front of the radiator, and the dryer stuck randomly more or less in front of the sink while we tried to figure out what the hell to do with everything, because this house, like most, is not designed for such things. (Let’s not talk about the electric socket options, either.)

The table and chairs went into the Long Room (which isn’t quite ready for photos yet), at which point Ted said the kitchen was TOO BIG and I said OH FOR GOD’S SAKE and the next morning measured the long butcher block, which I thought was too big to fit across the room without compromising the dishwasher and washing machine, but it turned out to work just fine:





We’ll ignore this corner, which is full of the things I couldn’t put away without acquiring more shelf space, but moved aside in order to create the illusion that the kitchen was finished. :)


After doing all that I also cooked dinner last night, which I think is fricking amazing.

Today all I’ve done so far is massive amounts of laundry and made some food, which is possibly about as ambitious as I’m going to get. It’s very tired around here, after a week solid of packing, moving, cleaning, and unpacking.

Having said that, I’m going to go deal with the bathrooms now. And possibly make some cookies.

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