June 5th, 2015


house hunting

We’ve been house hunting. I feel like I’ve been doing nothing at all work-wise (that’s because I’ve been doing nothing at all work-wise) and I feel like I don’t know what I HAVE been doing, although house hunting has been part of it.

We went to look at a ridiculously cool place today. I mean, it’s literally a Georgian manor house. It’s not a BIG manor house (4br), but it’s literally a Georgian manor house and it’s on about an acre and is in the middle of a city. I’ve been saying that all I really want is to live on a country estate in the middle of a city. This is as close as is humanly possible (without winning the lotto). The estate agent liked us, so we’ll see if we get the place.

Otherwise…I haven’t gotten any more packing, or purging, or…*anything*…done. Except we finished watching season 2 of The 100, which, holy shit. I say again, holy shit! We got to the part that a friend spoiled for me like EIGHT MONTHS AGO and I was like O.O because I knew what was going to happen but not how, and then holy shit, it just got more intense from there. Wow. The worldbuilding is still terrible but it’s one of the best SF shows on TV right now. I mean, like, if I had to cut down to only two shows, I’d be watching it and The Flash.

Yeah. Okay. I’m up too late so I have to go to bed, but I wanted to give some indication that I was still alive. :)

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