June 1st, 2015



I have awakened upon this, the occasion of my 42nd natal day, with a killer headache. Probably not enough water yesterday. ‪#‎hydrates‬

Yesterday I served up bbq pulled pork, applesause, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, and baked beans for the family. I made everything except the baked beans, which Mom made. It was all really really good, although as Sarah pointed out, in retrospect, too much work for my own birthday. (Mom DID offer to host, but for some reason I said nah, it’s cool. Somewhere around hour 4 of being in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes I decided I’d chosen poorly, but it was far too late by then. *laughs*)

My younger nephew, who is quite a good artist, did up a birthday card for me. On the envelope there was a drawing of a ptranodon, which was saying, “Careful! There’s a T-Rex inside!”

Inside, there was a drawing of a T-Rex saying, “Happy birfday!” with an astrisked note below saying, “He said “birfday” instead of “birthday” because it’s hard for T-Rexes to talk.” *laughs and laughs*

Dessert was an *exceptionally* good lemon cake (this recipe, but this time I added about a quarter teaspoon of salt and a splash of vanilla, and OMG), which I also made, and it was an altogether lovely afternoon. Thank you, family, for coming over!

Also, happy birthday shout-outs to all my birthday twins! Lynette! Novella! Michelle! And Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe and Superman, too! :)

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Picoreview: Tomorrowland

Picoreview: Tomorrowland: boring.

I really wanted to like it, as it had a message I certainly support, and there were a lot of good *pieces*, but overall it failed to click.

It did not help that the opening seven or eight hours twenty minutes felt like somebody higher up at Disney had said “The audience is never going to understand this if you don’t explain it to them” and forced the director to put George Clooney on the screen talking directly to the camera, and then when that was a painful failure, put the young heroine, played by Britt Robertson, on to do the same thing with an equal amount of discomfort. So by the time the movie really got started they’d long since lost me.

And it’s too bad, because Robertson brought every ounce of enthusiasm she could to her role, and Raffey Cassidy as the young denizen of Tomorrowland was ridiculously good fun. Clooney was not at his best, being out-shone and out-written by his co-stars, but he handled a potentially very awkward storyline with a reasonable amount of grace. I think it could have been done more gracefully, but that would have required, at the least, stronger writing for his role.

For me, the biggest problem was that the stakes never felt very real. Explaining that goes into spoiler territory, so there’s more behind the cut.

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