May 20th, 2015


it’s the moving countdown

I’ve just spoken with the estate agent. The good news is that although the lease is up at the end of May, they do not expect us to be out of the house at the end of May.

Indeed, it appears we could continue to live here indefinitely until the house sells, with people coming in to look at it while we were living here. Which is not what we want to do, but it’s somewhat nice to know that if for some reason we can’t be out until August they’re not going to throw us onto the street (because even if the house sold tomorrow it takes months to close).

In reality, we have 42-56 days of Official Notice, which gets us well into July if we need it and through the end of June at the least. Which means I can reduce my freak-out level a little and try to get some damned writing/book production work done, as well as doing house-level purging and packing. :p

I need to email my whole production team and apologize for the delay, explain what’s up, and hopefully have stuff incoming to them by next week. Mnargh.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll actually get to work on the Greywalker Papers crossover story, now that I know what’s what.

…I need to write a thinks to do list. Right after I bring this huge bag of clothes to a charity shop.

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