May 15th, 2015


The Great Digital Move

I have just about completed ripping our CDs. This is a task that has been done in the past, but I’ve been unable to find the damn drive upon which the old rips were saved, and probably a new rip (10+ years later) is better quality anyway (it’s certainly faster), and because I have little need to own physical CDs, it will reduce our physical possessions by some percentage when I’m done. I’m trying hard to buy music digitally now, although mostly that means I just forget to buy it at all.

In ripping them, I’ve discovered we have a lot of great music we never listen to. @.@ I got a digital music player a few years ago but it hasn’t proven as satisfactory as we’d hoped. We have another Android-based one that’s better (if I can find it), so we’re going to have to get a decent speaker set for it or something and go from there, because really! Lots of good music here!

But I am MISSING a Jim Byrnes CD! Missing like I didn’t even know it existed, not missing like I have a copy and can’t find it (although I’m missing one in that sense too)! Love is a Gamble, 2001 from One Coyote Music. How can this BE?!

I’m also reminded, as I periodically am, that somehow I do not own Bon Jovi’s Keep the Faith on CD. I don’t know why. I must *have* at some point, because I think there was a digital copy of it made at some point, but I don’t have it and I don’t understand why. :) I own every other album they (and he) have done, so I just have no idea where Keep the Faith is. And it’s one of my favourite albums!

I also own every album Meat Loaf has ever done, even the stupendously bad ones. But I don’t feel any need to keep the physical copies of those. :) (Bon Jovi, Jim Byrnes & Martin Hayes are the 3 that for some reason I wish to retain physical media of. Possibly because I think they’re all hot.) Anyway, I’ve gotten a large, sturdy, well-made CD carrier so the CDs and liner notes can be kept tidily and the jewel cases can be ditched for everything we’re keeping.

In an attempt to Do Something about the TV on DVD, I found these DVD binders, who have turned out to be pretty good. They’re advertised as holding 20-25 pages of DVDs & liner notes, which appears to be pretty accurate, although it turns out Buffy & Angel together basically fill 2 of them and Highlander overflows one by a considerable margin. So I have to get some more, but they’ve reduced the space taken up by those 3 series by about 2/3rds, so they’re WORTH getting more of.

(I was putting DVDs into the pockets & being amused at the various pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Adrian Paul & Jim Byrnes at different ages and looking different sorts of sultry or noble or whatever, and then I picked up one with Peter Wingfield on it and made a sound inappropriate for company. #laughs And it’s clear to me from Twitter chat that some day I need to have a massive Methos Chronicles sleepover party weekend thing and basically all the women I know need to show up so we can giggle and squeal like idiots for three days straight.)

Oh, my, Ted’s been much braver culling his selection of CDs (his music is the hard rock, the pop, and the country; mine is the rock, the blues and the soundtracks, generally speaking) than I expected him to be. I didn’t need a 200 CD case to save what was left in. Well, that’s okay, it won’t hurt to have it. :)

All right, there we go. 366 albums ripped. I’m gonna go…listen to some music now. :)

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