January 8th, 2015


sick. and flamethrowers O.O

Poor Ted tried to go to work this morning.

"I can do this!" he thought as he took his shower.

"I can do this!" he thought as he got in the car.

"I can do this!" he thought as he drove past the exit to the doctor's clinic.

"I...can't do this," he thought when he reached his exit for work, and took the roundabout back around to the clinic, where the doctor told him he had a mild chest infection and gave him a doctor's note to stay home from work and a prescription for antibiotics and cough medicine.

He's now in bed, poor guy. I sent him there with a copy of Harry Connolly's new book, THE WAY INTO CHAOS, saying, "This is what *I* recommend!" He said, "Have you read it?" and I proudly presented him with the book to look at the cover quote, which he did and then looked at me in confusion. I said, "Read the cover quote!"

He said, "I did. It's from Kat Richardson."

Oh. Well. I'd given him the 3rd book, not the first, because I'd accidentally shelved them out of order. I tried again and he read my cover quote, but the impact of the moment was lost. And then he went to bed with the book. :)

I think I may be finally properly recovered today myself, as my own appetite is finally returning. I was actually okay with it being significantly depressed, and wouldn't mind if it stayed that way. Although, boy, cooking isn't my favourite thing to do anyway but when I have no appetite I'm like FOOD IT IS BORING AND SUCKS AND WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS NONSENSE OMG #FLAIL

Anyway, aside from that, Young Indiana also seems to be significantly improved, although 4am wakeup shenanigans meant no school again today. This has not been exactly the most "swoop into a schedule" January of all times. :)


okay he's actually on the roof next door but JESUS GOD

he's laying new gutter or something. something with tar or welding or something, because he's using a FLAMETHROWER.

and i was hearing this really strange sound and i went to investigate and i looked up through our skylight and THERE WAS FIRE

and i was like HOLY SHIT

and i grabbed shoes and ran outside and was like WHAT IS GOING ON WHAT THE HELL
and then I saw this dude and his flamethrower
and nearly collapsed

I said to him, "Jesus, man, you gave me a fright!"

he laughed and said "Oh no! Thought the house was on fire, did you?"
and I was like I DID!!!

jesus! my hands are shaking! GAWD!

(smart-ass friend on twitter's instant response: "calm down. get marshmallows." *laughs*)