January 2nd, 2015


new typing gloves!

I received these in the mail today!



They're from my friend Rachel, to whom I had sent some books, and although she owed me nothing at all she asked if there was anything she could knit for me. Not being a fool, I said if fingerless gloves weren't too much of a pain, I could ALWAYS use another pair of cosy gloves for typing in cold cafes and the like. She asked what colors I liked, and I said teal particularly, and she said she could do that, so I was kind of expecting the teal ones, but the beautiful orange ones are a total unexpected bonus pair! I don't want to take them off! #beams happily

In other news, I actually got the new year off to a good start last night, and wrote about 600 words on a short story I owe to someone. I also serendipitously found the obvious and perfect title for it while looking up something else. I'm disproportionately pleased by both of those things. :)