December 26th, 2014


To Be Read 2015

I am declaring 2015 to be Read Books By People I Know. Realistically I will, of course, read books by people I don’t know, so to make this work I think I’ll have to make every other book one by Somebody I Know.

It may take 2 years to clear my TBR shelves of books by people I know, at that rate (and that’s assuming I don’t buy any more…), but it’d be a start. :) (oh, there’s 35 of them at the moment, not counting whichever ones I’ve missed. I *could* in theory read all of those this year. Although there are several cases, like with Juliet’s books, where I want to re-read the first book before going on to read the rest of the trilogy, or where I currently only own the first book and will want to read the rest of the series when I’m done with it…okay, it’s gonna take two years… :))

The really important question here is whether interacting with people on Twitter and LJ counts as knowing them, or if I have to have met them in real life. Granted, that affects…perhaps two…of the authors on my shelves at this point, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to try to pick up with my GGK re-read, too. It turned out the book that stopped me wasn’t the one that I hadn’t cared for 20 years ago, but the one with the ending I hate. I tried it two or three times and never got past the first few sentences, because I was pre-emptively pissed off at the finale. I can’t decide if I should just skip it now or try one more time.

I declared a moratorium on book buying in 2014 and it was a terrible failure. This year I’m out of shelf space so I might be a little more successful. Or try harder. :)

Behind the cut lies the almost inevitably incomplete To Be Read list. Books with a star beside them are first-in-series and are being moved to the end of the list so I don’t buy even more books for my TBR this *year*, anyway; books in parentheses are books I, uh, bought this year. O.O

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