May 3rd, 2014


Recent Reads: Morganville Vampires

I appear to be determined to binge-read Rachel Caine‘s entire Morganville Vampires series (15 books) this weekend. I’m on my 5th one since Thursday and have read 2 in their entirety today. Or possibly 3. I’ve lost count. This whole instant download of the e-books thing is terribly dangerous, and what’s even worse is that Caine does not wrap her books up, she just stops in mid-scene, leaving the reader to go “AAAAAAAAAAAAGH” and reach for the next one immediately. And worse than THAT is the formatting for these particular books doesn’t give a 48% read or whatever, so the end just suddenly leaps up and smacks me in the face. They’re only, what, maybe 80K books, and I can burn through one in a couple hours easy, so honestly, with a little determination (and ignoring everything around me) I could easily have them finished by Monday.

*attempts, desperately, to stay strong and not buy the entire rest of the series today* *or tomorrow*

Aside from reading Morganville my big plans for the month are to do the STONE’S THROE revisions, get the Regency proposal out to my agent (it’s almost ready!) and, I hope, write a short story or two. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

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