April 18th, 2014


that heart-breaking moment in Winter Soldier

I’m seeing a lot of mention going around about that heartbreaking moment in Winter Soldier, and everybody I’ve seen commenting on it says they thought they were the only one who was crushed when it turned out to be what it was instead of what it looked like.

I want everybody to know that it wasn’t just you. It was all of us. It was certainly all of us women, anyway; I’m not sure I’ve seen any guys commenting on it. But every single woman I know seems to have been seized with an inutterable and terrible joy in that moment, a full-spirited OH MY GOD *YES*! that turned into “…oh. Oh. Oh. Well, that’s okay too, but…”

So, yeah. It wasn’t just you. It was all of us. And boy, does that say a lot about our culture, our expectations, and our hopes.

(The actual scene is named/described/whatever behind the cut, but I’d kind of like to see how many people know what I’m talking about just from what I’ve said before the cut. :))

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