March 18th, 2014


things that fall down

1. Me.

Admittedly, this was several days ago, but I was walking briskly home from the bus stop after a movie the other night and caught the toes of my right foot on an inch-high uplifted edge of sidewalk. The fall knocked me out of my shoe and hat, and I was saved from some generous scrapes by having decided it was cold enough to wear my leather gloves, which protected the heels of my hands. Thank goodness.

Even so, my shoulder and arm were badly sore from the impact for about three days, and five days or so later my lower back is still going what the hell was that?, although it’s a lot better today than it was.

2. Spanish bowls.

The day after my tumble, the dish rack shifted and I was one step too far away to stop the bowl my parents brought us from Barcelona from crashing to the floor and breaking into a bazillion pieces.

3. Fortunately nothing else.

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